Stryvling Press goes on hiatus

It has been a fantastic year for Stryvling Press, global pandemic notwithstanding. We published a beautiful anthology that I hope you have had the chance to read and enjoy, released a new edition of tote bags, and formed new partnerships with the local community, including Made in Stirling. However, all current Stryvling Press internships areContinue reading “Stryvling Press goes on hiatus”

Closed Until Further Notice: Project Management in the time of COVID-19

A lot has happened in 2020 and it’s only July. It’s only July and yet this year has become the embodiment of the (alleged) ancient curse may you live in interesting times. I won’t provide a list of all that has happened as I’m sure you are well-informed. This is not an informative blog post,Continue reading “Closed Until Further Notice: Project Management in the time of COVID-19”

Marketing: It all started with LEGOs, probably

When I enrolled for the MLitt in Publishing it was because I wanted to have fun. Sure, it was also a career change—I had about a decade’s worth of work experience at my back, my most recent stint being in bookselling, which is what inspired me to finally take the leap to go into publishing—butContinue reading “Marketing: It all started with LEGOs, probably”

Producing Time and Tide: Creating an Anthology

Before I started the Publishing Studies MLitt, I only had a vague idea of what role Production plays in the publishing process. I knew that the Production team was primarily responsible for creating the physical copy of a book, from choosing what paper to print on to acting as a liaison between publisher and printer. It turns outContinue reading “Producing Time and Tide: Creating an Anthology”

WATCH: Project Managing ‘Time & Tide’

Interested in project management? Curious about how to manage an anthology? This video offers a behind-the-scenes look at the project management process of Time & Tide. Stryvling Press catch up with Madelaine Fortier, the project manager for the publishing press’ latest literary anthology, Time & Tide.

WATCH: Marketing Time and Tide

A behind-the-scenes look at the marketing process of Time & Tide. Stryvling Press catch up with Bethany Watson, a member of the marketing team on the publishing press’ latest literary anthology, Time and Tide.

WATCH: Editing ‘Time & Tide’

Interested in becoming an editor? Or maybe you’re just generally curious about the publishing process. In the run up to Stryvling Press’ third anthology, Time & Tide, we’ve been catching up with our publishing team to learn more about the process of creating a book. In our first video, one of the Time & TideContinue reading “WATCH: Editing ‘Time & Tide’”