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And so they all go their separate ways,

Seat one to a bus stop, then into a haze

From Confessions of the Scissors by Sarah McLean

Bea Joubert

Project Manager

Publishing MA Student at the University of Stirling by day, all-around clown by night, is honoured to serve as Project Manager at Stryvling Press. She has loved books and language since her beginnings in multi-lingual South Africa, and dreams of one day working as an Editor at a publishing house, surrounded by cats and books and Moroccan décor.

Megan Carney


This is Meg, the Irish half of the editorial team for the Stryvling Project. Her interests include theatre, modernist literature,80’s pop music, and busting moves that make yer da cringe. Dreams of working as an editor and living in a warmer climate.

Diane Hill


This is Diane, the Scottish half of the editorial team for Stryvling Press. After graduating, she’ll love to either work in editorial or pursue her dreams of becoming an author. As long as books are involved, she’ll be happy.

Sofia Fernández Becerra


Sofia is about to be a graduate of the Master in Publishing Studies. Raised in the 40°C summer heat of Madrid, she states northern Spain is very similar to Scotland, “with the bagpipes and all”. You can find her around uni riding the imaginary longboard she left at home while reading a Bukowski poem. She is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting things to get involved in and dreams with a creative marketing position in the industry.

Yuehan Chen


Hannah is a future Publishing graduate at the University of Stirling. She was born in Sichuan which is the hometown of pandas in China. She used to study psychology then started a new dream of wanting to be a publisher. She loves cats, travel, cooking and yoga (basically doing the splits). Her only weakness is she might be “rude” sometimes, she swears that’s due to errors in translation, but thanks to playing Cards Against Humanity with the Stryvling team and the Publishing class she feels she is not alone in this…

Cortney Lee


Hollie Monaghan


Hollie is a hopeful, and not at all stressed, future graduate of the M.Litt Publishing Studies at Stirling who has journeyed all the way from distant Cumbernauld. Shehas wanted to be involved in books all of her life except for a year when she was 8 and wanted to be a pirate. She enjoys food, loves berets and will pet any and all dogs.

Mireia Pauné Font


Mireia is a Publishing student at the University of Stirling. She has travelled from Barcelona to study in wonderful Scotland. Located most of the time in Falkirk, she spends her hours travelling by train (and watching Stranger Things) while imagining that Stirling University is in another dimension. She loves snorkelling in the crystalline waters of La Costa Brava and playing the cello. She has two main goals: finding a publishing job in Barcelona and convincing her family that she should definitely have a dog.

Lea Intelmann


Lea is a Publishing student from Germany. She stopped counting the cities she lived in over the last couple years and is looking forward to settle in the best of them all: Hamburg. When she’s not procrastinating bywatching every Marvel series on Netflix, she is usually working in C7, Pathfoot, where she thinks a fridge for cold beer is sorely missed. Sadly, the speed in which she buys books currently excels her reading speed –but at least she’ll never run out of reading material. For Stryvling, she is working on the design team and is super proud of the logo they designed.

Lucie Santos


Lucie is completing her Masters as a Publishing Student. After moving to Paris she wanted to discover different cultures and visions of the publishing sector. Since Scotland has a strong literary background and really open-minded people, it is a really appealing and nice place to stay. You can find her at the library, C7 and B33 because, well, she is a procrastinating person and these are the last moments for her to work on her project. She likes to deal with the production of a book because it makes a project real.

Ana Tratnik


Ana is another student on the M.Litt Publishing course. Originally fromSlovenia, she is passionate about the outdoors, Scottish crags, northern countries and good food. She likes to read authors who give an insight into different cultures, dig deep into human relationships or ignore imaginary mental limits. Part of the Stryvling team, her job is to produce a book in its traditional form.

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