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He took his book to her and said, “This is for you to read.”

From She Wrote, He Wrote by Swaksha Krishnakumar.

Deborah Benson 

Lives in Montrose, Angus. She has had poems published in Northwords Now and 
Causeway/Cabhsair and won the William Soutar prize in 2015. 

Sarah Cameron

A creative writing MA student at Stirling who lives in Falkirk. She studied Archaeology and also trained as a teacher; teaching for the National Youth Choir of Scotland and other organisations. She is married and has 2 children and 4 chickens.

Zoe Dodds

Born in Kirkcaldy, lives in Fife. Has been writing stories since she was five and has been gently forcing her friends to read them ever since. Graduated from Stirling with a BA in English/Film and Media and now on the Creative Writing Masters course.

Beth Franklin 

Originally from Newcastle but moved to Stirling for university. She studies English Literature and is currently doing an MA in Creative Writing. She interned for Ringwood Publishing in Glasgow. 

Matthew Glassford

Studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at Stirling and President of the Stirling University Creative Writing Society. Is a published playwright and runs a review blog, currently lives in Stirling, and someday hopes to own several dogs.

Ryan Hannah 

Lives and works in Alloa. On the Creative Writing course at Stirling and has a degree in English/Film and Media. His work is eclectic; writing social realism, fantasy, sci-fi and Palaeolithic narratives. His home is like Zarathustra’s cave. 

Alisdair Hodgson

A Scottish writer. Received a BA in English/Philosophy from Stirling and now on the MLitt Creative Writing course. This anthology marks his first publication in print. 

Tom Johnson 

Grew up in Yorkshire before being sent away to school Down South. Taught in Auckland and studied at London College of Music. Part of a band in London and was a writer in Paris. Now on the Creative Writing Masters and plays the bongos.

Swaksha Krishnakumar

A writer from India who did a Bachelors in Journalism, Psychology and Literature before deciding to pursue her Masters abroad. She writes about characters and the complicated relationships humans have with each other. 

Sarah McLean 

A Masters student in Creative Writing. Graduated with an MA in English Literature and French from the University of Glasgow. Has had her poem Rose published in The National Anthology of Poetry and poem A Moment in Between The Lines. Enjoys writing crime; loves the dark twists. 

Kevin McGowan

A fiction writer based in Stirling with an affinity for Scottish Gothic. Kevin has been a features writer for Trill! Magazine and has been published in Fiction of the Web, Literally Stories and Peeking Cat Poetry.

Emma Mooney

A poet and novelist. Her novels A Beautiful Game and Wings to Fly are published by Crooked Cat Books and she has had several poems published. Currently working on her third novel. 

Brad Parish 

Moved to Scotland in 2011. Previously studied Philosophy and English Lit. at the University of Edinburgh where he wrote a public guide for Object(hood) for PublishED. Now on the Creative Writing course at Stirling.

Martin Raymond

A director of Cloudline, who teaches at Stirling and broadcasts regularly on BBC Radio Scotland. He is setting out on his latest career reassured by the knowledge that Daniel Defoe published Robinson Crusoe when he was 60. Born in Bridge of Allan. 

Jonathan Wilson 

A 23-year old writer and poet from Falkirk. As much as he enjoys writing descriptive pieces, he also enjoys conversations as part of his work, inspired by his friends. This is depicted in his story in Inklings; born of a late night chat. 

Abigail Wing

A fiction writer based in Glasgow. She is currently studying for an MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Stirling.

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