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She held hands and heard stories, a saga of their lifetimes—
ordinary tales and everyday miracles.

From The Soulkeeper by Deepti Prakash.

Sandra Nimako-Boatey

Project Manager

My name is Sandra and I am the project manager for the second anthology from Stryvling Press. I wanted to join Stryvling Press in this capacity to gain first-handexperience in the entire process of creating a book. As part of my role I will be overseeing the whole process, working with design, editorial, production and marketing to ensure we produce an amazing anthology. I am a marketing lover at heart and have4 years of experience working on campaigns, creating marketing collateral and running events. I’m incredibly passionate about books and creating platforms for everyone to have their work seen.

Barbara Mignocchi

Project Manager Assistant

After a few years dedicated to management engineering, I decided to completely change direction and pursue a career in publishing. I’m now in the management team for the Stryvling Project so I clearly haven’t left my past behind –I’m still recovering from the shock of this discovery. I’m from Italy but Scotland makes me happy because everyone can properly pronounce the R in my name. I don’t need much to be happy, or shocked.

Kirsty Martin


My name is Kirsty and I’m delighted to be part of the Editorial team in the StryvlingProject. I’m a travel-enthusiast and the prospect of studying in Stirling –such a beautiful part of the country– was one I looked toward with excitement. I love studying the Mlitt in Publishing Studies and feel so proud to play a part in bringing forth a beautiful anthology of creative writing. As I am a part-time TEFL tutor, I pay close attention to grammar and expression in both my academic and working life. I can’t wait to begin proofreading the works of our gifted creative writers.

Lindsay Madden


I’m on this year’s editorial team, and I am so excited to help create StryvlingPress’ second anthology! Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, there were not many opportunities to pursue a career in publishing, so I am thrilled to have the chance to work on this project with a talented group of writers and publishers. I have a background in English Literature and Criminology, and I hope to one day work with children’s and young adult fiction and non-fiction titles as a commissioning editor.

Callum Spoor


My name is Callum and I am a part of the marketing team for the second anthology released by StryvlingPress. The opportunity to work in a field of publishing that I found both exciting, as well as a career path I can envision going down, was simply too good to turn down. I’ve worked in sales all my life and my entire academic career has revolved around English Literature, so it felt more than appropriate to pursue that option with this position.

Daryl McKelvie-Whyte


I’m Daryl and I’m on this year’s marketing team along with Mimmi and Callum. When I don’t have my head stuck in a book, I’m taking pictures of my cats (Tonks and Tilly) or scrolling through Pinterest looking for event planning inspiration. Deciding to do apublishing masters is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with the amazing team that makes up Stryvling Press.

Mimmi Rönning


With a passion for the written word and a keen interest in photography, social media and blogging, working with marketing within publishing is simply the dream job for me. I’m therefore super excited to have the chance to be on the marketing team for Stryvling Press this year. It’s an amazing opportunity to get the freedom to try our ideas and use our creative skills to make sure the anthology reaches as many people as possible. I’m excited to see this year’s anthology come to life!

Alex Parr


I’m on the design team for Stryvling Press this year, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve already learnt that being involved in the design of a book isn’t limited to making the cover look pretty. It extends to designing every little element of the book’s marketing materials and online presence too, amongst other things. I relish the challenges of this project, and look forward to holding the completed publication in my own hands.

Asya Gadzheva


My journalistic practice taught me that a properly designed page is a beautiful thing. It also brought upon me the pains and endless drafts of good writing. So as one of the designers, I consider it my responsibility to make the page look just as beautiful and meaningful as the writing on it.Writers are artists and we—the faithful curators of their labour—should illustrate their vision. Or bend InDesign trying.

Aanchal Bhakuni


My name is Aanchal and I’m on the production team for Stryvling Press this year. I’m an expert procrastinator who lives for fanfiction, and a bibliophile with a mile long TBR. I love hiking and walking around the beautiful Stirling campus. I can’t draw to save my life but would love to work in Design and Production.

Paula Lyttle


During my undergrad, I tried to immerse myself in the publishing industry — I was a reader for Ringwood Publishing and a copy editor for The Magdalen, an award-winning student magazine covering current affairs, lifestyle and creative writing. I reviewed fiction, poetry, theatre and art for DURA. I also interned for a short time at Luath Press. These opportunities allowed me to work with texts at the at opposite ends of the editing process, to work with many different writers, styles and content, and to participate in the marketing, press and publicity processes of trade publishers.

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