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I will hear the echo,

the resonance of my words

against your silence

From Prayer by Lesley McKay

Alex Prong

I am a waitress, fern enthusiast, and writer. I prefer writing pieces that blur the lines between fiction and non-fiction: autobiographical fiction or fictional memoir, for example. I enjoy finding newer and truer routes to the truth. I also write poetry and comedy. I tend to ascribe cosmic significance to trivial events and people – you can find me sitting at a kitchen island, wearing cabin socks and lingerie, and writing erotica about the (fictional, or not) woman who delivers my mail. 

Craig Aitchison

I am married with two young sons who distract me from writing by dragging me to agricultural shows, ploughing competitions and football matches. After some time teaching English as a Foreign Language in The Czech Republic and Spain I returned to Scotland to become a Secondary School teacher of English, at Galashiels Academy in the Scottish Borders. I like to relax and work out ideas while walking my dog Penny, a Jack Russell/Patterdale Terrier cross (Patterjack!) who arrived as a rescue dog a year and a half ago and has made herself very much at home.

Debbie Bayne

I’ve always loved words and books: only a spectacularly late night stops me reading before I fall asleep, only a horribly early start stops me writing a few hundred words as soon as I wake. However, I never thought I would write a book or go to university. Here I am doing both, aged 60, loving it and greatly encouraged by the example of other older writers: Roget didn’t embark on his thesaurus until he was 61, and I still have a decade on Mary Wesley. She was 70 when her first book was published!

Deepti Prakash

I am an engineer who really just wants to be something else. Till the age of 6 I believed that the Island in Jurassic Park legitimately existed and planned emergency escape situations in case the dinosaurs made it to Dubai. Now, however, I am more rational and believe in the existence of Narnia, Hogwarts and the Tardis. And so I write, in the hope of finding them.

Elaine Whiteford

I am a Stirling based fiction writer. I am inspired by Richard Adams who, as a civil servant, wrote in his spare time and was 54 when he was published. I am a keen underwater photographer and enjoy the company of marine creatures. My images and articles have appeared in in a number of publications.

Kyle Boyek

I am a competitive swimmer on the one hand and a writer on the other. If I’m not doing either then both hands will be filled with food. Born in Perth, raised in County Durham, now living in Stirling.

Martin Raymond

I am a director of Cloudline, a PR and Marketing company, teach in the Management School at Stirling University and broadcast regularly on BBC Radio Scotland. Formerly I have been a teacher and was responsible for advertising and PR at NHS Health Scotland. I am setting out on my latest career reassured by the knowledge that Daniel Defoe published Robinson Crusoe when he was sixty. I was born in Bridge of Allan about half a mile from the University site and live in Milnathort.

Molly Griffiths

I write, I pole dance and I drink a lot of coffee. I’m English but I live in Scotland – I’m scouse, but I don’t sound it. I’ve always enjoyed the genre of fantasy; I love the twisted, complex and unexpected. Perhaps that’s why my cat loves water and my favourite place to be is hanging upside down on a pole, thinking of my next chapter idea.

Sandy Winterbottom

I moved up to Scotland from the south of England around 30 years ago. I haven’t quite managed to escape yet, being held in thrall of the Scottish landscape and in particular the Ochil Hills on which I now live with my family.  I spent most of my working life as an academic in Environmental Science and lectured at Stirling University before chucking it all in to become a yoga teacher and animal rights activist. I am a beginner poet and aspiring to be a slightly subversive nature writer.

Susan Roy

I’m an Irish-Londoner living in Dumfries and Galloway. After working as a nurse and midwife for many years, I retrained as a copy-editor and proofreader. When proofreading for charities led to writing articles for them, I decided to pursue writing seriously and try fiction. Sometimes the fiction comes from a strange place, often from memories of people’s grief and loss. Healthcare doesn’t always allow time for emotion to be expressed but writing enables the experiences to be channelled into words, in the hope that the beauty we are promised will arise from the ashes.

Theresa Moerman Ib

When people ask me where I’m from and what I do, I answer: It’s complicated! Born to a Dutch father and a Danish mother in the Netherlands, I spent most of my childhood in England before moving to Denmark. Since then, life has brought me to Belgium and New Mexico, but I’ve made Scotland home for ten years. My education includes two undergraduate degrees in English and Fine Art Photography. I’m excited to bring this eclectic background into my writing by experimenting with genre and subjects such as liminality, memory, ghosts and other things that fall between the cracks.

Tineke Hegeman

I live in the centre of a pretty complicated Venn diagram of different cultures. I am Canadian-American, born to a Dutch father, but I grew up in Benin and Niger. Quite a muddle. At nineteen, I moved to New York to study creative nonfiction, working on a memoir exploring my parents’ passion for birding and my own passion for West African landscape as a lens for understanding the inner life. Later, I discovered I have an affinity for editing, and I have worked as an editor and project manager since. As if all this change wasn’t enough, I moved to Edinburgh in 2017. My work circles themes of shifting cultural identity, landscape loss, displacement, and climate change in West Africa. 

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