Stryvling Press


We are sparks,

Millisecond illuminations

From a blazing

Consuming flame.

From Route Map by David Topliff

Catherine Albano

Project Manager

Catherine “Cat” Albano hails from Louisiana, USA, and graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s in accounting in 2019. Her hobbies include writing, archery, and painting, and drinking her coffee iced no matter how cold it is outside.


Marlee Perez

Assistant Project Manager

Marlee holds a bachelor’s degree in literature with a concentration in creative writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is passionate about literature from all angles—reading it, writing it, and supporting other authors in creating it—which has led to her pursuit of a master’s in publishing studies at the University of Stirling. In her free time, Marlee can be found drinking hot chocolate, daydreaming about warm weather, and acting as the Head of Publicity for the Stirling University Live Music Society.

Siobhan Hamilton

Editorial Lead

Siobhan previously studied history and journalism, graduating in 2020, before joining the MLitt Publishing Studies course. When not studying she spends her time cooking, reading and getting coffee with her friends!

Ayesha Mendonca


Ayesha is from Mumbai, India and has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Mumbai University. She’s always up for a new adventure and loves to travel and meet new people. She hopes to pursue a career as an editor after completing her masters in publishing studies. She’s always on the lookout for the next mystery thriller so she can escape to the exciting world of murderers, assassins, detectives and spies.

Sabrina Lipowski

Marketing Lead

Sabrina hails from Buffalo, New York, and while she misses her family and her hometown, she very much loves Scotland. She got her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in film studies from the University at Albany. When not studying for the MLitt, she enjoys reading (of course), Marvel movies, playing basketball and saying “hi” to every dog on the street.

Lauren Byars


Lauren graduated from the University of The West of Scotland in 2019 with a BA (Hons) in filmmaking and screenwriting. This has allowed her to travel to different countries for work as well as develop her creative side which led her to marketing. She has also launched her own podcast in the last year that has charted on the Apple podcasts art & culture chart.

Rachel Hessin


Rachel studied journalism with history in Ulster before taking on the MLitt in publishing studies at Stirling (with a slight detour as a student Midwife). Rachel hopes to pursue a career in book production and in her free time, she enjoys reading true crime and rom-coms.

Alexandra Piper


Alexandra Piper graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in international business. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and spending time with her two dogs.

Ella Gallego

Design Lead

Ella is an honor’s alum from University of California, Santa Cruz where she majored in literature with a creative writing concentration. Her affinity for Scotland and its people has led her back to the country many times; her most recent journey back is in pursuit of an MLitt in publishing. When she is not avoiding classwork through reading, writing, working on an art project, or watching a brain-numbing amount of television, she is trying to nail down the best, home-made ramen broth.

Jane Armstrong


Originally from Cumbria, Jane studied at the University of Glasgow where she earned her undergraduate degree in history of art and comparative literature. She still lives in Glasgow, where she works for a community run cafe as part of the engagement and events team. You’ll most likely find Jane in a book shop or at her local pub quiz that she, despite her best efforts, will be losing.

Jennifer McDowall

Production Lead

Jennifer has recently moved back to her native Glasgow after several years away. Prior to her interest in the publishing world and return to student life, she worked as a scientist. She loves fantasy fiction and is interested in literary translation.  Her hobbies include kayaking, walking and making a mess as a beginner potter.

Lena Schmidt


Lena is originally from Germany, and joined the Stirling publishing cohort in 2021 after getting a degree in journalism. She worked for several TV and radio stations, but the written word won in the end. After her degree, she is definitely going to get a cat and will no longer be jealous of her brother’s.


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